A Secure Document Exchange Network for Diverse Systems

Our partnership with EtherFax, a leading innovator in secure document delivery networks, reflects our commitment to staying at the forefront of the industry. 


EtherFax replaces traditional fax communication by leveraging patented hybrid-cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service to manage your business communications. With EtherFax, you can eliminate the need for fax boards, media gateways, and other telephony infrastructure.

Secure Document Exchange

EtherFAX's advanced secure document transfer caters to contemporary businesses, streamlining workflows and enhancing processes in numerous sectors.

Data Extraction

Robust data extraction converts unstructured documents like PDFs, faxes, and paper forms into organized, searchable data for seamless integration into workflows and applications.

Workflow Automation

Task queues and workflow automation allow documents to be placed in a file folder, which can be accessed by content management systems or incorporated into third-party applications like EHRs.

Integration and Interoperability

EtherFAX bridges fax and interoperability, enabling secure communication and document exchange for agnostic applications. By converting documents and data, it allows consistent PHI exchange and direct integration into third-party applications.

Products that Fit Your Needs

EtherFax offers a variety of products designed to streamline document creation, extraction, and transmission, enabling companies to prioritize their customers' needs. These solutions create a smooth and uninterrupted document workflow, making document delivery more efficient and less time-consuming.


Robust data extraction converts unstructured documents, like PDFs, faxes, and paper forms, into structured, searchable data for seamless integration into workflows and apps.

Collaboration Apps

Easily send and receive secure faxes in Slack and Teams, one-on-one or via group channels, within seconds. Manage your faxes directly within your collaboration tools. Scale your enterprise fax operations securely and compliantly with DirectFax Messenger, both inside and outside the EtherFAX ecosystem, using end-to-end encryption delivery validation.


EtherFAX® Remote Integration Service (ERIS®) is a development tool that facilitates job file processing as an alternative to programming APIs. ERIS® supports email, Epic web services, file drop, and more. As a lightweight, containerized app, ERIS® simplifies replacing various local fax server functions for clients.

Secure Exchange Network

EtherFAX SEN is a patented Infrastructure-as-a-Service solution that utilizes hybrid-cloud technology to deliver 100% secure communication and data protection. Operating within a HIPAA and SOC 2® compliant environment, EtherFAX services are HITRUST CSF® and PCI DSS certified.


With etherFAX and DirectFax, Epic users can securely transmit critical healthcare and business information via Epic Print Services. Using Epic’s built-in print/fax interface, users can send color, high-resolution documents with cover pages, while monitoring fax progress and status within EPIC. The solution is HITRUST CSF and PCI-DSS Level 1 certified, and is recognized as a top performer in KLAS Digital Fax 2019, requiring no fax server or infrastructure.

Email Faxing

EtherFAX employs fax encryption to safeguard sensitive data, meeting HIPAA and PCI DSS standards. With secure end-to-end encryption, all faxes are confidentially transmitted and stored, ensuring data integrity and non-repudiation. EtherFAX’s secure document delivery provides users with the assurance that confidential information remains protected.

Resources To Help Get You Started

6 Things to Consider When Choosing a Cloud Fax Service

Selecting a cloud fax service involves assessing uptime, security, innovation, ease of use, customer support, and flexibility. Our eBook, Six Things to Consider When Choosing a Cloud Fax Service, provides insights and information on this crucial decision, helping you make an informed choice.

Enabling Digital and Direct Document Delivery within Healthcare

DirectFax® empowers Epic users to send patient healthcare records directly from Epic Print Services (EPS) with high-resolution, color documents delivered digitally for near-diagnostic image quality. This facilitates decision-making for doctors and patients when selecting the best care and treatment options. To discover more about this solution, check out our eBook.

All Cloud Fax Solutions are Not Created Equal

When searching for a cloud fax solution, it's essential to consider features such as performance, reliability, uptime, and security. Our infographic provides an easy-to-understand visual guide to these key features and capabilities. Check it out to learn more about finding the right cloud fax solution.

Redefining the Fax Server for the Modern Era

etherFAX Secure Exchange Network (SEN) is entirely cloud-based, virtual, and secure. Our white paper explains how etherFAX has revolutionized faxing for the contemporary age, offering insights and information about our cutting-edge technology. Download the white paper to learn more.

Securing Unstructured Data and Improving Patient Care

etherFAX provides HIPAA-compliant fax technology, solving a significant issue for the healthcare industry by enabling secure transmission of unstructured data. Our white paper outlines how we cater to the specific needs of the healthcare sector, offering insights and information about our secure and compliant faxing solutions. Download the white paper to learn more.

Best in KLAS

According to the KLAS Digital Fax 2019 report, etherFAX received the highest level of validation and was rated the top performer among analyzed vendors.

While some vendors could send outbound faxes from Allscripts, Cerner, Epic, and NextGen Healthcare EHRs, only etherFAX was able to fully integrate all data into the clinical workflow.

EHR Intelligence recently highlighted KLAS Research’s Digital Fax 2019 Report, which introduced a scoring system to assess the current status of digital faxing. To obtain the highest score (Level 4), the fax data must be interoperable with clinical, financial, and other core workflows. EtherFAX received a Level 4 score based on KLAS Research’s assessment, while Concord and OpenText received a Level 3 score, and J2 Global scored a Level 2.

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