Our partnership with NiceInContact, a leading innovator in AI CX solutions, reflects our commitment to staying at the forefront of the industry. 


Transform your call center software with CXone and empower your agents to provide better experiences—every time and on every channel.

Smart Omnichannel Routing

Connect your customers to the right agent or self-service option—any time, on any channel.

Customer analytics

Turn customer insights into improvement programs and track results across customer experience and agent performance.

Optimize your workforce

Stand out with better agent experience, efficient staffing, and more satisfaction across the board.

Automation and AI

Simplify service delivery. Break free from mundane tasks so you can resolve issuers faster and deliver a better customer experience.

Open Cloud Foundation

Champion innovation through an extensible, enterprise-grade platform that scales securely, deploys quickly, and services customers globally.

A platform that thinks smarter. And works harder.

CXone gives your team the technology and analytics to resolve issues faster, personalize every experience, and forge deeper loyalty with each customer.

Why use CXone cloud software for your contact center?


Our 99.99% uptime lets you focus on your customers, not your call center.


Our open cloud foundation easily scales with your needs.


Say goodbye to costly hardware and maintenance. Only pay for what you use.

An Industry-first

Enlighten Actions is the industry-first, AI-powered solution tailored to curate intelligent responses to any business inquiry using decades of historical CXi data and GPT generative AI. This breakthrough technology generates actionable outputs that are clear, easy to understand, and brand-specific while doing all the backend work to gather and present responses in record time.

Fundamentally change and improve the way you interact with unstructured data, making it more accessible and efficient for your business. Put the power of AI to work for you without the risk of inaccuracies or unwanted behavior, to deliver brilliantly human conversations.


Enlighten Actions, business results

Enlighten Actions composed by GPT brings together NICE’s highly specialized AI models for CX with OpenAI’s cutting-edge generative AI to deliver brilliantly human interactions.

Actionable Outputs

Harness your existing data to generate outputs you can trust and rapidly deploy, with unparalleled clarity and accuracy.

Decisive Insights

Access Enlighten AI in near real-time with a human-like conversational interface for deeper and sharper insights into unstructured data.


Trained on a dataset of billions of voice and text interactions to respond to inquiries in relevant ways that are easy to understand.

Drive the future of CX with artificial intelligence.

The promise of a data-driven future with AI is real and contact centers are leveraging this technology to proactively act on customer and agent behaviors on all channels.

Game-changing AI Illuminates the Path to CX Innovation.

Learn how one contact center used the analytics maturity model to build a CX program that achieved true customer centricity.

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