Exceptional Customer Experiences with Five9 Certified Solutions

Our partnership with Five9, a leading innovator in cloud contact center solutions, reflects our commitment to staying at the forefront of the industry. 

Agent Performance

Let's empower your Contact Center team to deliver exceptional customer experiences. With Five9's innovative tools, we can optimize your agents' performance and elevate their ability to serve your customers.

Workforce Management

Network connectivity, storage, security, disaster recovery, and "as a service" models like UCaaS.

Interaction Recordings

Phone systems, VoIP services, messaging services, contact centers, conferencing, and collaboration tools.

Interaction Analytics

Improved end-user experience, faster page-loading and website response times, flexible bandwidth adjustments, and cost savings.

Quality Management

Data management, bandwidth scaling, public internet traffic bypass, data transfer, speed, and reliability.

Performance Management

Outsourced IT service management to focus on strategic and revenue-generating initiatives.

CRM Integration

Protecting against cyber threats and ensuring business continuity by maintaining the confidentiality and availability of IT systems and assets.

Practical AI Solutions For Your Contact Center

Isn’t it about time that we use AI to help in a practical way? There are a lot of mundane tasks that take away from operational efficiency and increase frustration in the Contact Center. Those should be a thing of the past when you partner with ASI and Five9.

Five9 Intelligent Virtual Agent

Repeat questions being asked over and over again during a 40-hour work week are not an agent’s friend. Intelligent Virtual Agent frees up your Agents so they can work on more difficult and fulfilling tasks with your customers.


Five9 Agent Assist

If there isn’t documentation, then the conversation never happened right? Agents spend a good portion of their time noting accounts, well that is a thing of the past with Five9 Agent Assist. No more notes or summaries, and real-time guidance as the interaction is taking place are all possible.


Resources To Help Get You Started

Five9 Intelligent Virtual Agent

Five9 AI takes advantage of the latest technology to allow organizations to automate interactions with customers via Five9 Intelligent Virtual Agent and help agents deliver a more human experience.

Five9 Intelligent Virtual Agent Solution Guide

Consumers have become accustomed to getting help from their personal virtual assistants, and they now increasingly prefer self-service options when contacting businesses.

Case Study Alivi

Alivi provides solutions for healthcare organizations to have access to technology platforms and advisory services that help health plans and providers focus on creating a tailored care strategy for members while managing costs. They offer solutions for non-emergency medical transportation, ancillary and supplemental benefits, and healthcare administration. Alivi’s weekly call volume could range anywhere from 100 to 40,000 calls a week, which was taxing for their previous on-prem solution.

Five9 Agent Assist

Five9 Agent Assist empowers live agents with AI-powered real-time assistance and automation, driving more efficient and productive customer conversations, improved agent satisfaction, and better business outcomes.

Case Study Teladoc

Teladoc Health is a telemedicine company that uses telephone and video conferencing technology to provide on-demand remote medical care via mobile devices, the Internet, video and phone. Over 50 million members connect within minutes to Teladoc’s network. Teladoc has multiple service centers in various countries with contact center employees operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week handling over 2M+ calls annually.

Healthcare Anywhere: Deliver Next Generation Healthcare Experiences

learn how to create connected experiences with patients and members by integrating your cloud contact center with your CRM, UC, and other key systems

Learn how it works using AI examples you already know.

Understanding AI can be as challenging as deciphering Minion speak. We’ve all heard the buzzwords, but can anyone explain how it really works? What if learning about Contact Centre AI could be as fun as watching Deadpool? And, what if understanding AI made you feel as empowered as the Terminator?

Our new eBook has you covered! Come with us if you want to learn:

What AI is and how it works

What Hollywood gets right (and wrong) about Contact Centre AI

Plus, see if you can spot all the pop-culture references!

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