Redefining Fax in Healthcare: The Evolution of Digital Document Exchange

In a recent article for Bloomberg Law, the use of the fax machine in healthcare was brought to light, revealing that “at least 70% of healthcare providers still exchange medical information by fax.” The use of fax machines in healthcare is a glaring constraint in today’s technologically advanced world. While the ability to digitally transmit documents via fax is remarkable, using a fax machine with two modems hissing at each other and spitting out paper is an outdated way of exchanging information.

In contrast, etherFAX’s cloud-based infrastructure has revolutionized the way healthcare providers exchange information. With EtherFAX’s suite of Cognitive Services, hospitals can now securely exchange data using either fax numbers, NPI numbers, or via a robust set of APIs. This allows for a rich, full-color, searchable PDF document that can be delivered to a network folder, Microsoft Teams channel, or email inbox. Utilizing Microsoft’s Computer Vision and Forms Recognizer enhances the payload with OCR results and key Name-Value-Pairs.

With etherFAX’s Secure Exchange Network (SEN), healthcare entities, from payers and providers to post-acute care facilities, doctors, and patients, can transport data using whatever option best suits their workflow. SEN powers the digital exchange of data using APIs, FHIR, email, Direct Message, HL7, and fax. This fundamentally changes the data transportation types and allows for interoperability across different message types.

By transforming the way we think of exchanging data and allowing for different data transport mechanisms, we can also standardize various message types such as Direct and HL7. This enables Admission, Discharge, and Transfer (ADT), Order Messages (ORM), and Medical Document Management (MDM) to be transmitted between two systems as a secure digital exchange of documentation and data.

It’s time to separate the antiquated notion of a fax machine from the technology that drives a secure digital exchange of data. With EtherFAX’s secure and HIPAA-compliant platform, we can eliminate printing out medical records and start using the tools and technology that are possible with modern fax technology. Let’s embrace the evolution of digital document exchange and redefine the way we exchange information in healthcare.

Experience the power of secure document exchange with etherFAX. Upgrade to modern fax technology and start exchanging documents and data seamlessly. Visit our etherFAX partner page to learn more about our secure document exchange platform.

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