Streamlining Healthcare Communication: How etherFAX’s Epic Integration Enhances Interoperability

etherFAX is revolutionizing the way people think about faxing by providing organizations with an off-ramp from traditional telephony faxing and an on-ramp to a cloud-based secure document and data exchange delivery platform. At etherFAX, we are dedicated to continuously evolving our secure document delivery platform and ecosystem through new innovations and integrations.

Recently, we integrated with Epic, the most widely-used platform for electronic patient records in the United States and Canada. This integration allows healthcare organizations to securely send and receive protected health information (PHI) with end-to-end encryption, ultra-fast transmission speeds, and guaranteed delivery.

Through the integration, Epic users can leverage the etherFAX Secure Exchange Network (SEN) to securely transport critical healthcare and business information via Epic Print Services (EPS) without having to change a single workflow. The etherFAX SEN is the world’s largest fax network, utilizing hybrid-cloud technology to provide 100% secure communications. Since etherFAX is a cloud-based solution, it doesn’t require a fax server or additional software.

To ensure seamless integration, we offer Epic users two implementation options: Direct and Local. The Direct integration uses the built-in print/fax interface that currently exists within Epic. Our App Orchard integration delivers our “Best in KLAS” solution directly to Epic users. As etherFAX new fax technology delivers a response directly to the originating Epic system, users can track document delivery and fax statuses from within Epic.

On the other hand, the Local integration uses our etherFAX Remote Integration Solution (ERIS®). ERIS® is an on-premise hosted solution, not a local fax board or server, that gives users full control of their email, Epic web services, file drops, and more. Similar to the Direct solution, the Local solution is also fully supported in the Epic App Orchard.

Both the Direct and Local solutions allow users to consolidate or eliminate complex and resource-constrained fax environments, as well as the associated costs of those environments. Best of all, both solutions offer all the benefits of exchanging high-resolution documents without the need for a fax server. They directly integrate within your existing Epic workflows.

At etherFAX, we also guarantee that HITRUST Certification and HIPAA compliance are maintained for all documents that traverse the etherFAX ecosystem and Secure Exchange Network. Our dedication to secure document delivery and data exchange is unparalleled in the industry. For more information on etherFAX and our services, visit our EtherFax partner page.

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