How this F500 global medical products company harnesses accurate insights to fuel QM efforts

We recently had a chat with Casey Headden, Manager Reporting & Analytics, and Lynn Couttie, Project Manager, at a Fortune 500 global medical products company. They shared why their company chose to team up with Observe.AI and how they’re benefiting from the partnership today.

Their company, which boasts a team of 19 supervisors, one QA analyst, and 200 agents handling 1,300 calls per day, was in search of a solution that could provide them with speech analytics insights, a data-driven QM process, and a way to enhance agent performance and coaching, all while ensuring customer data protection.

Their business requirements included:

  • Redaction of PCI and credit card information
  • Establishing a data-informed QM process
  • Incorporating core values (branding, call etiquette, customer experience) better
  • Enhancing agent performance and coaching programs

A dealbreaker for them was metadata restrictions: they needed a vendor that could ingest all metadata.

One of their biggest challenges with their former vendor was the transcription accuracy rate of 60-70%, which meant that the data couldn’t be relied upon to inform business decisions with high fidelity.

Their reasons for choosing Observe.AI included:

  • Superior transcription accuracy right off the bat
  • Selective redaction, a machine learning-powered feature that more precisely secures sensitive information in calls. This allows for better data compliance and faster call review without losing conversation context.
  • Full analysis of customer interactions
  • Consolidating services from three platforms to one
  • Consistent customer support and professional services

“Right out of the box, Observe.AI’s transcription accuracy was better than what we saw during the 18-month relationship we had with our previous vendor. And it’s only continued to improve over time.”

—Casey Headden, Manager, Reporting & Analytics, F500 Global Medical Products Company

The results they’ve seen include:

  • Data-driven performance feedback informed by AI-powered keyword monitoring, or ‘Moments’
  • The problem of over-redaction or under-redaction is resolved with selective redaction, which lets the company tailor automated redaction to their unique needs.
  • A high evaluation output with a 1:150 QA-to-Agent ratio
  • A more transparent QA evaluation process
  • Tighter feedback loops with agents leading to a 15% increase in NPS score

Working with Observe.AI has proven to be a rewarding move for this Fortune 500 company, providing them with the tools and services they need to improve their operations, boost agent performance, and ultimately enhance the customer experience.

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