Revolutionize Your Contact Center: How Five9 Agent Assist’s Generative AI Summary Can Unlock Next-Level Agent Productivity

You know how everyone’s been talking about Generative AI and how it’s changing the business world? It’s been a big deal in 2023, and we’re all curious about its practical uses and how it might work in contact centers.

Well, guess what? The hype is real! At Five9, our teams have been busy since last year using this amazing tech to revolutionize contact centers. This year, we’re going even further with Generative AI and Large Language Model (LLM) tools to unlock new and exciting products.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that AI Summary, powered by OpenAI, is now available on Five9 Agent Assist!

What’s AI Summary, and why is it great?

One of the top priorities for contact center leaders is reducing Average Handle Time (AHT), a key performance indicator for their businesses. By cutting down AHT, they can boost agent productivity and overall efficiency. Until now, agents had to take notes during calls (distracting them from the customer) and then spend extra time writing a summary afterward. These summaries are important for two reasons: they help the next agent know what happened in previous conversations, and they help with record-keeping for compliance purposes.

In the past, call summarization was possible but needed lots of configuration and tuning. It could only handle conversations that followed a strict structure, which limited cost savings.

But with AI Summary, all that changes. Using advanced LLM technology, it’s an out-of-the-box feature within Agent Assist. Customers can enable it with just a simple on/off switch, and in seconds, they’ll have comprehensive call summaries without the need for professional services or AI training, tuning, or maintenance. If needed, agents can add extra notes to the AI-generated summary, which significantly reduces the time they spend on post-call activities.

With AI Summary, Five9 Agent Assist becomes even more powerful. It helps contact centers save money by providing agents with real-time intelligence and guidance, while also automating repetitive tasks so they can focus on helping customers.

Top use cases for AI Summary

  1. Reduce post-contact activity time: After a call, agents often take a few minutes to write a summary. AI Summary can create a detailed summary in seconds, saving a lot of time and providing context for the next agent handling the call.
  2. Quality monitoring and training: Supervisors can use call summaries to check the quality of agent interactions and give feedback for improvement. They can also identify areas where agents may need more training or coaching by analyzing these summaries.
  3. Boost customer satisfaction: AI Summary can improve the overall customer experience by helping agents understand customer needs better and respond appropriately. With fast, comprehensive summaries, agents can quickly review previous interactions and offer more personalized, effective support.
  4. Increase compliance: AI Summary can help with compliance in contact centers. Call summaries ensure regulatory requirements are met by capturing and storing the conversation. Customers can also store the full call transcript for even more detail.

Get in touch with us for a live demo and see how AI Summary, powered by OpenAI GPT-3, can help you deliver smooth customer experiences, empower agents, improve operational efficiency, and achieve better business results.

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